Privacy is of the utmost importance at Mademoiselle’s. Below are the areas of privacy concern and how we handle each one.


boudoir photography guaranteed privacy


The Session

Your session will be taken in my 3000sqft home on a quiet cul-de-sac. When you arrive, only myself and your makeup artist will be present. Once your session begins, only I will be there with you. You can chose to bring along a friend for help and support of course!


Website & Social Media

We have permission for each and every photo which is displayed on our website and on all social media. After you have seen your photos, you have the option to choose to have none of them displayed, selected ones posted which don’t include your face, selected ones of your favorites or any of your favorites. In addition, you can choose whether we can display them on the website, on social media, or both. If the session is done as a gift for someone, you will also get to specify after which date they can be posted.


Image Processing

As far as the processing of your photos, Either I or one of my female staff do all of the editing and retouching. No other person will see them or has access to them on my computer. Everything is password protected and my storage drives are not connect to the Internet. Once you have ordered your products, I use a professional lab which has strict guidelines as to privacy and processes thousands of such images. Finally, my professional custom framer is a one person small business owner like myself. The frames are prepared and I’m notified when they are ready. I bring the prints in and they are mounted while I wait, so there is no chance of another person seeing them inadvertently.



I keep your images stored on an independent hard drive after your products have been delivered. You can request that I delete all of your files after we are done. All you need to do is to sign a short form acknowledging that they will be deleted permanently and no further products will be available.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy of your images, please feel free to email or text me at the number below.


Contact Me to Reserve your Session!

Email me or call/text 503-310-9083